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Thread: 2005 Stadther interview

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    Default 2005 Stadther interview

    Here is an old interview with Mike that might still be useful to those of us who think ATT isn't supposed to be over: http://www.myshelf.com/aom/05/stadther.htm. It might also be useful for the Dar rings hunt. The interviewer, Beth McKenzie, has posted on tweleve and on both TT sites in the past, but I have not seen posts with her usernames for almost a year now, I believe.
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    I think its interesting that he wanted the "people" to be satisfied with the results of ATT before releasing the second book.
    But I'm not satisfied with the results. I believe many of the pages in the original book have puzzles that are not solved in the solution book. And we need to be shown the solution to the unsolved online clues.
    I don't think I'm alone with this feeling either.

    I'm frustrated with how this hunt ended, but I hold a little hope that once the court case is resolved he will somehow e-mail all the members of ATT website and tell us "ALL the solutions are revealed here.........."

    But I'm afraid I will be very sadly disappointed when this doesn't happen.


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    Why in the article does he say "It has to have ended? when there is of coarse a hard date? Since the crystal pook has not been "awarded" and is locked up in S&S litigation does this mean ATT is not legally over?

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