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Thread: http://pubgis.co.pinellas.fl.us/public_gis/

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    Default http://pubgis.co.pinellas.fl.us/public_gis/

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    Default Use this link

    Click on this link.

    Search by Intersection, put 122 in the top box, put 125 in the bottom box.

    This will take you to an Intersection in Largo Fl. Just West of the Pinewood Cultural Park' Botanical Garden North Extension near Ulmerton Blvd.

    Click on the Camera to get actual satellite, the once right, once up. The stone V is directly in the middle..

    I can't make it any more concise than that.


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    It's not that we can't follow directions. I have no trouble finding the satellite image you're talking about. But two things to consider:

    1. Where one ends up after going "once right and once up" will differ depending on the size of the viewer's monitor, the size of the open window, and screen resolution. These are not the same for everybody.

    2. You may be interpreting something as a "stone V" that we wouldn't naturally consider. Can you be specfic?

    This is what I see when I follow your directions. Perhaps I am blind or maybe stupid, but nothing pops out as a "stone V" to me:

    I really hate to sound so contrary on these posts, but I'm genuinely struggling to understand.
    "...it may well be doubted whether human ingenuity can construct an enigma of the kind which human ingenuity may not, by proper application, resolve."

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