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Thread: Post your #68 theories:

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    Default Post your #68 theories:

    I'd be personally interested to hear everybody's different lines of reasoning for #68. I bailed out of the hunt after getting frustrated (with something like 35-45 correct), but at the time I really liked my theory for #68. All this reasoning came before I learned the "extra clues", because I got frustrated before reaching the point of sending off for them, but anyway, what follows is my thought process for #68:

    - Tried all the expected Google-type stuff. Tried to relate the words in all sorts of combinations. Tried to relate the categories into which the words seemed to fit. Started messing with what you might call "word association games".

    - If I remember correctly, the sequence went "Allaha, Amazon, Providence, Lakeside, Inca." Did a bunch of word associations, like:
    Amazon River, Amazon.com, Amazon Indian
    Providence Plantation, Providence Rhode Island, Providence=Luck
    Inca Indian, Inca Empire, Inca Temple

    - Lakeside is pretty vague, so I didn't have anything explicitly associative.

    - Allaha is just very uncommon. I'm sure you found all the same things I did, and saw a bunch of sites on Arabic and Aramaic. Outside of this, the only thing I found was the city of Allahabad. Lacking anything else, I started using "bad" as the association with Allaha.

    - Back to the order, partially:
    Allaha+bad, Amazon+river, Providence=luck, Inca+indian. Googled various combinations.

    - Then suddenly I thought I had it. Seriously. There is a place called the "Bad River Casino" on the shore of Lake Superior, on an Indian reservation. The connections are obvious. Being a "place" or "destination" also sorta fit with the others in that chapter.

    - I tried every combination of the name that I could come up with. I won't bother listing them all, because they were apparently all wrong.

    - Like I said, I didn't get the extra clues until recently, so I tried to see if there was a word-association I could make with them:
    Navy Blue, Navy Base, Bomb Bay, Bombsight....

    - The best I could come up with is the existence of the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, and that "Bay" fit well with this particular reservation, as it's between two named bays on Lake Superior. Maybe I'm stretching it, but I could have convinced myself that both could be good "second-level" clues -- not ones that could direct you to the site, but ones that could help confirm it once you're there.

    - So that was my only "high confidence" answer: BAD RIVER INDIAN CASINO

    What were your theories?

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    Default #68


    Sent about 1000 to 1200 personally (lots of postage), again, I had more motivation than most as I had the Final Solution and it was worth $50,000 to me. At the last minute I cut a deal for $5000 but I was willling to go $25,000 for the correct, "Graded answer".

    I know Des's group had hundreds and that list is available..

    Here are some of mine..

    We wore out Balboa Park in San Diego

    We sent at least 100 on Maury, and his statues in Virginia.

    I sent them at least #500 Navy Ship names because we had found WW1 Id and Sp Vessels that matched. I just printed off every ship in WWW1 and sent them all.

    We went down the Star Trek path, Wonder Woman (Amazon), Fox's Pascagoula.

    We toyed with the idea that "Allaha" was part of "Tallahassee" looked at everything there.

    De Soto's chronicles in Florida written by Inca.

    Herndon's Amazon explrations.

    Every James Bond Movie or Character because of "Tears of Allah"

    All the Cussler Novels-Inca Gold etc.

    Naragansett Bay was thoroughly exhausted.

    Late in the hunt I discovered all were names of Gold/Siver Mines, we sent in every Gold/Silver Mine in the Nation.

    The Torpedo Factory Art Museum in Virginia, Museums in Chicago, Providence etc.

    The Herreshoff's of Bristol and all their Torpedo Manufacturing,

    Late in the hunt I received info from Phil in Alabama that #68 were all Names of Lilies and that the Japanese Bomber "Kawasaki" was named "Lily"

    Bible Verses, Computer Games, the sheer volume of this list is in the 1000's, maybe 10's of thousands..

    So who are the (6) people? Who were reported as having it..where are they now?

    I think there are 12,000 in this forum..certainly that alone creates doubt..

    I think Serendipity should be forced to come clean on this and the Final Solution.

    Stay tuned..

    Maybe there will be a final reckoning after all.

    I'd certainly be willing to provide everything I sent.


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    I honestly cant recall the entire thought processes for each of my ideas but my 3 most promising ideas were:

    1. God (or something religious. It just seemed too darned obvious) Both Providence and Allaha refer to "The Almighty God"... found really nice sites giving almost the exact same ideas for Amazon & Inca also. Lakeside was a little iffy tho....basically just a large church somewhere..cant recall where off the top of my head.

    2. Atheneum or Wadsworth Atheneum
    http://www.wadsworthatheneum.org/ Cant recall how I arrived here either but was pretty excited for a while.

    3. Naval Station Pascagoula (by far my most favorite..this one even fit the clues ) http://www.ns-pascagoula.navy.mil/pa...agoulahome.htm

    be sure to follow the "Welcome" link and do a ctrl+f search for Lakeside. Nice, huh? Through quite a bit of research, I believe I tied in Amazon & Inca as ships that had passed through there. Providence was somehow tied in but alas, once again I cant remember how. As for Allaha....I was using it as "part" of a larger word = tALLAHAssee. I found somewhere...but now have found conflicting reports..., that the Tallahassee was a famous warship that was decommissioned at Pascagoula.

    Sorry those are such vague descriptions but that is all I have......

    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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    I tried a list of about 50 naval museums within the continental U.S. - no luck.
    "...it may well be doubted whether human ingenuity can construct an enigma of the kind which human ingenuity may not, by proper application, resolve."

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    Here was my idea--the greatest of all that I had--that I submitted in July 2005, last year, shortly before giving up the game at 99 correct:

    I looked into those names as being sunken vessels. I checked out a sunken ship database online and emailed its administrator for specific data, for which he promptly responded and we discussed thoroughly.

    Lakeside and Inca are both early 1900's vessels that sank off No Man's Land Island (or Nomans Land Island, as it is now technically referred to, I believe), below Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

    There was also an Amazon and a Providence that both sank off Cape Cod.

    Only missing one was Allaha (go figure).

    At that point I thought--hey, at least I've got a location or two to try and submit and see what happens. But then I researched further into the Nomans Land Island idea and it turned out that it was also a US Navy bombing target site!! [Check this out: http://www.airfields-freeman.com/MA/..._SE.htm#nomans] And I still have all the sunken ship data. I really thought I had something!

    But alas, I was sadly mistaken. I tried virtually every possible combination of Nomans Land Island, Cape Cod, etc. After that disappointment and the continual lack of leads, I gave up and just watched as TBTG died in myself and everyone else I knew to be participating.

    I spent a lot of time on it, and all my answers were based on my own exclusive research (save a few leads/hints that I swapped with a two friends). I enjoyed playing, really. This author had a great idea. Gone sour, of course.
    When I'm dead I'll rest.

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    I didn't get to spend much time on this, but I really thought I had it when I found this.

    They all relate to bodies of water, or oceans

    Inca, Spain is a town on the island of Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Providence Atoll in the Seychelles

    Lakeside, Victoria, near Reservoir, Victoria

    Allah is a town in Bendel province in Nigeria on the west bank of the river Niger, a few miles north of a straight line from Benin City to Enugu.

    Amazon is responsible for a fifth of the total volume of fresh water entering the oceans worldwide

    Navy bombs is of course associated with water

    I'm sure everyone tried these but I really didn't have much time to dig deeper on this and also I didn't purchase the book so it was just for fun.

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