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Thread: 68?

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    Default 68?

    Well? What was 68? What can it matter now....

    P.S. If you are holding back because you suspect this author is going to publish a solution book, companion book or TBTG sequel, don't hold your breath. If the author is planning a second book. he is going to have to woo his core TBTGer's back to the fold. I haven't seen one speck of advertising of a second book on his website or any other place for that matter. If the author doesn't move fast and get his second book out on the market ASAP, it will be ten times as hard for him to peddle his second book, especially to a market that is already disgruntled and suspicious...
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    Kind of agree...any new updates? Dying to know 68...

    please be a kind soul and share if you have it....

    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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    Odd isn't it...some 50 people supposedly have 68 yet not a one of them has come forward.

    "Upon the completion of the game Ross Martin will reveal all the details of this remarkable adventure. " This from Serendipity website. Waiting...

    "If no one finds the treasure, the profits of the Game will be given to a recognized local charitable organization." Again, Serendipity website.

    Wondering what charity received the profits of the game. Could there be no profits? Hmmmm...

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