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Thread: paisley rug number

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    Default paisley rug number

    The number 262 is in the center of the paisley rug.

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    Another connection I think about on this AP is that the rug's design looks like halved avocados.

    I remember reading some "Gus" interviews where he is always mentioning guacamole.

    Can't find those for now tho.
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    Lots of the guacamole references are from this piece: Gus Twintig and McSweeney's invite you to The Secret Alley, May 1. Find out why.

    Avakian: Tenth floor resident General Klobberduck is a hunter and taxidermies what he shoots. But does he use the whole animal?
    Twintig: I advise you to not sample his "guacamole."

    Avakian: Children Amber and Jamie Kaulken who live on the eighth floor are home alone. Have the authorities been contacted? And how are they related to Macaulay Culkin?
    Twintig: You should not sample their "guacamole" either.

    Avakian: On the fourth floor Sigfried Plumpjack and his roommate the hamster Montecore have an awful lot of food left out on their counters. Aren’t they afraid of attracting. . . . oh, never mind. I guess not.
    Twintig: Their guacamole actually happens to be delicious.

    Avakian: Travis Pupkin who lives on the first floor models himself, his life, his apartment on Roy Dodge. Has anyone ever done this to you? What would you say to them if you met them?
    Twintig: "Try the guacamole!"

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    I think I am with J-bell on this one...I just made some guac.

    But, I dont think solutions are as complicated as have been made out in some of this ideas on here.

    Sure, this is filled with things that can be interpreted any number of ways. Instead of red-herrings...they give us apartment junk. man, herring would STINK if it was there since 1983. Also, isnt that a long time to live in apartment life? My first roommate was in 1985...and that was about 20 roommates and 10 apartments ago. Must be rent controlled..big city.
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