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Thread: Concerns on Where!!!

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    Default Concerns on Where!!!

    Hello all,

    I am not sure if this is the correct spot. I am new to the site and I was hoping I could get some help. Is it concluded that whatever we are looking for is on line and not actually out in the worlsd like ATT was. I am trying to play catch up being that I just got the book last week. Has it been stated what we are looking for, maybe 100 different web addresses, and we need to cipher a certain code to plug in to that site with our e - mail addresses. I just thought it was odd that we had to register this time around. I apologize if these questions were answered, it is very hard for me to go through every forum, and play catch up as well as search the book.

    My other thought was, if it was 100 different locations physically, how could that have been possibly done by 1 man. 12 or 12 is not that hard when you are talking about The USA.

    Has anyone played with the Wings and Rings book, have you noticed many pages deal with matching a shadow with it's proper character, I think I have found 2 shadows that match up.

    Thank you for your help/patient

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    MS just released a clue in 'In Touch' magazine which was solved and stated "You dont have to leave your home".. I think this very clearly puts to rest any idea of a physical hunt.

    As far as catching up, you could go to this website.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secrets..._Alchemist_Dar
    Anything else you read on these forums are just ideas and theories, noone has made much progress beyond what is the obvious.. You should be able to catch up quite easily.

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    It's also been stated that you can win up to 5 rings( 1 per level ). This says to me that more than 1 ring is at each site or location. I for one, am hoping that there is still going to be a location search. What fun would it be to have a treasure hunt with no actual "hunt"??? Maybe we get the web address or telephone number at a location. Good luck! You'll find tons of info and amazing ideas here and at the SOTAD site.
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