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Thread: How to unlock the clues on the Back of the American One Dollar Bill

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    Default How to unlock the clues on the Back of the American One Dollar Bill

    First get a New Crisp American One Dollar Bill.

    Lay it flat on a table with the back showing face up.

    On the back you will see 2 eyes.

    1 is the eye above the pyramid and 1 is the eagle's eye.

    On each eye draw a cross, exactly in each eye.

    It is very important that each cross is EXACTLY in each eye.

    These 4 lines represent where the folds are.

    There are 2 ways of making these folds and only 2.

    1 way is right and 1 way is wrong.

    Looking at the Dollar laying in front of you. You see 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal.

    The way you make a fold is by picking up a line and laying it too its line laying beside it.

    So in other words you do not fold each line in half.

    You bring the lines to each other and again there is a right way and a wrong way.

    If you take the wrong line to its mirror line you will fail.

    When your done with the folds you will see a 1 circle with 4 1's perfectly in each corner around the circle. Note: If you made the fold wrong, you will still see the same, but will fail at continuing with the clues.

    Before I continue I must explain something very important before you continue.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Goto the website above first and learn of the "magic eye " process and who invented it and when. When you understand this process come back here and continue.
    The reason I am telling you to understand this process is because- for one they didn't invent it or discover it.

    God did and God "used it first". I will not disclose where at this time.

    The Knights Templars are the first to use it. They did so with their clues and the vatican and the masons continued to use it.

    It is this process/magic eye, that you must understand and use to continue to unlock the American One Dollar Bill.

    Once you have folded the Dollar Bill the right way, you will use this process to continue your quest.

    Now you will need to make a black and white copy of Washington D.C.

    This map should be big enough and clear enough to use with the Dollar.

    What happens is. You use the Dollar to understand the points in the Washington Map.

    When you understand the points of the Dollar, you will understand the points of the map and will then be able to make "certain folds in the map of Washington".

    Both will help you understand how to continue.

    As you proceed in your quest. You will find you need to google certain points of interest in Washington to find the exact points of the folds you make with the Washington map.

    I will tell you the first 2 folds of the Washington D.C. map.

    One point is the Jeffereson memorial.

    One point is the set of lions at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

    You take these two points and you fold them together using the black and white print out of the Washington map.

    When you do this right you will see several owls.

    I will stop here.

    I've told you how, what you do with the information is up to you.

    But be warned, this path only leads to death.

    As I said before there are 3 locations.

    1 At Washington D.C.

    1 At the Vatican.

    and somewhere else.

    The first 2 will entice you with riches and will lead to a wastless death.

    Washington believes in the "Atlantas" theory comming true.
    Vatican believes they know how to bring Jesus back.

    Third place is the only one that works concerning what the vatican thinks.

    What you do with this information is of course your buisness, but understand all 3 locations lead to death.

    My reason for telling you all of this?

    There is only 1 single path, that leads to God/Heaven. Just 1 and that is by "Faith" in Jesus and Him alone. Living the life He wants you to live. Not living the one you want.

    Telling you how to do these maps will not get you one step closer to that but maybe it will help you understand why you should do something about it very soon before its too late.

    As these events unfold in my life, I will continue to come back here and keep you updated.

    There is one more major thing I want to tell you about. The third location. I will do so sometime in the future.

    When I do tell you....it will prove ...... God is, to anyone.

    May He/God keep us all.

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    That website I mention above is magiceye.com


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    The clues can be abstract in form and meaning.

    Form/picture may be more direct to help you understand.

    Meaning... for example the lions at the gallery... the clue to find that point .. on the dollar it explains about the fable " thorn in a lions paw/ with the mouse pulling it out". Thus when you search for lions in washington...you'll find the only ones that resemble a liion with a thorn in its paw are the ones at the gallery. Thus a point.

    The point for the Jefferson memorial is a picture that looks like a frog sitting by the water.

    When you first start looking at the folded dollar. See the trees with eyes, thats where you start.

    Each clue is at each quarter turn of the dollar.

    Good luck, it's not easy. Nothing is coinencidence while doing this. If your careful you'll be able to do it. It's not easy.


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    Note: you bring the points together to make the folds.


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