What if bee's dance, that he tried to communicate with Zac with, is in images? I believe we have found firefly's message ('Near the overlook' in morse code - even though it's on ladybug's page).

If you look at Spiders' back you see an arrow down the center, and oval shapes surrounding each side of the arrow, which may be 'read' like a figure 8. So, is bee doing a round dance on Spiders back? I was thinking spiders back tells us how to read the spiderborder. Notice there are 2 appearances of the arrow on spiders back on the spiderborder. The large arrow contains the ends of two different knots and is horizontal. The small arrow between knots is vertical. Starting at an arrow tip, one side is read clockwise back to the arrow and the other counterclockwise to form a figure 8. Yes, this would mean that the centers are the same for neighboring knots. In one idea that I have, this doesn't matter. What if the spiderborder is a key (a one time key), and not a code?
I was thinking this may be a key for the nomenclature text (bee is hidden in a dropcap where the spiderborder pattern appears and is also on the cover of the nomenclature book).
And, by the way, I am not on the hunt for a subpoem. I was trying to tie in an idea from the companion book-the colors used in Voynich.