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Thread: Went to NM

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    Default Went to NM

    My husband went to NM yesterday to look for the bee. He got up early flew to Amarillo, drove 2 1/2 hrs to the park. When he got there he immediately found the overlook. He looked around, saw a tree exactly like the one on pg.88. But there was nothing there. He then searched by the two signs pointing to the overlook, again nothing. He looked down the overlook trail, nothing. It started to storm severely, but he continued to look. Got locked out of his car, had to call a tow truck. By then it was very dark, very cold and he was very wet. But he continued to search anyway. Then about midnight he gave up, drove the 2 1/2 hours back to Amarillo. Got a couple hours of sleep and then woke up early this morning to hop back on a plane to come home. He spent a lot of time, money and energy and all he is coming home with are a bunch of cuts and scrapes and a bruised ego.

    He does think that the token is probably already gone, because there were three really good locations for it to be, but it wan't there. He really thinks it was in the tree that looked like the one on pg.88.

    I know many of you will be skeptical that I am just pulling your leg, believe me if you want. I am just trying to let everyone know what our experience was.

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    Katiebug, I cannot thank your husband enough for searching in NM, I hope if someone found it they will post pics and tell exactly where it was... I will do my best to start working on the ladybug puzzle for you and forward anything I come up with. This sucks, I truly truly truly thought he was going to find it... I am so depressed today, I am going to have to go have a few stiff drinks.... thanks again

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    I understand his frustration, as I went through something familiar earlier this week with the snail. I drove all the way from Dallas to Iowa (~11 hours); searched for about 3 hours, then drove right back (~12 hours), all without sleeping more than a few minutes here or there (gotta love power-naps!) Then, I get back and find out someone else found the token just a couple hours after me in the same tree I was looking in!

    Did you guys have a good overlay map with the circle in the dropcap?


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