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Thread: beetle

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    Default beetle

    Congrats to the beetle finders! There's just one thing about this puzzle I still don't understand. What are the acorns used for???

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    Oh yeah, the acorns ... They're a red herr... I mean, they're there to confuse you ... unintentionally, of course ...

    While you're at it, what are the colors for? There's obviously 5 of them ....
    Pook, shmook - it's over (and I couldn't be happier)

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    Default What acorns?

    In all the dead ends that I pursued with the beetle, NONE of them involved acorns. Are there acorns on the blocks page? The drop cap goes with some other jewel.

    The colors, well, that's another story. I tried plenty of color-based dead ends. In the end I decided that the letters were "used clues" due to the "find the tree holes", although the colored faces without letters still seemed like they could be in play.

    But since the beetle was written in wood grain, I thought that was probably it, and the Colored faces were just filler, which I guess is correct.

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