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Thread: when the contest is over

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    Default when the contest is over

    This guy will make another fortune selling a book describing how to solve the puzzels. It would be cool if they had a chapter on each person who found a token and they told how they solved it. VERY COOL!
    It would also be fun if people video taped their quest in case they find one!
    In any case I love the concept and hope that Author and family have a fun time with this. I also want a dog like "POOK"! In real life she is so cute from the picture I have seen!

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    What I want to know is do the finders get paid for all of the time they will have to put in at the end of the hunt for talk shows, tours, ect.

    You'd almost need to hire a manager/publicist, you could definately get your 15 mins of fame, depending on the types of paperwork that MS had you sign.


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