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Thread: Any grad students on here?

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    Default Any grad students on here?

    Hi all,

    Just taking a break from the seriously addictive hunt to talk about something else.

    Anyone else here in grad school? Thought maybe we could share some of the pain/joy..mainly pain.. of the process together... a mini support group, so to speak. Anyway, I'm studying psychology, and this is my last year...

    Here, sadly, is an actual conversation from a recent meeting at school:

    MY ADVISOR: So, what's going on with everyone?
    (No real response, people looking at one another waiting for someone to speak.)

    ME: I can tell you what I've been doing with my time lately! About the new book I found! It's called A Treasure's Trove (Etc, etc... explain the idea, be way too excited and possibly scare some peers). You guys, SERIOUSLY, it's for real... you should get it!

    MY ADVISOR: And... what does this have to do with your dissertation? (jokingly)

    ME: Well... it's the reason I'm not getting it done! (people laugh) But I figure, if I could find one of the more valuable tokens, I wouldn't really need to WRITE a dissertation... I could just BUY one!! (kidding, of course)

    MY ADVISOR: (Semi-seriously acts shocked. Puts fingers in her ears and starts singing and rolling her eyes.)

    At this point, I start to emphasize that I really am joking, that I wouldn't do that.... the last thing I need is to be dismissed in my last semester for being unethical or for implied academic misconduct.


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    in the same boat jen...getting my mba...i've spent way too much time on this when i should have been trying to find a job...

    nothing like blowing $35k/yr in tuition on a treasure hunt...i better find something like the spider or i'm going to be in trouble!

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    Default mba here also...done in May

    finishing up my last semester and my gf brings home this book and says have a look---

    Only had the book for less than a week and have had fleeting thoughts when in class as to what certain portions of the book mean when a prof mentions something vaguely familiar to the book. Hope this book doesn't take too much time away from getting my other stuff done...

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