max10_50 wrote this down in an "Images" forum, Pages 57-58, in "Pg 57 The fallen log".

I love the thought, and I love the way he put it, so I'm copying it up here so everyone can all both enjoy it, and be comforted by it!!

"...Also, to all you folks who have mentioned/suggested that you are probably crazy-----------DUH! There can be no brilliance without a little craziness. MS is undoubtedly "crazy" in that sense. He has a different way of looking at things which amounts to no small amount of absolute genius. All the inventors/brilliant people in history are also known for their eccentricities. So, yes; call me crazy! Its the "normal" people who can't see the forest for the trees that I feel sorry for. I feel honored to be with such a nutty, brilliant bunch who can think outside the box. Kudos to everyone!" max10_50

Thanks, Max!!