Hi Ya'll

It strikes me that this search is like those distributed computing programs they use to find extraterrestrial signals from outer space. We suspect that there is a message in the noise of letters, dandelions, spots on pook and the like, but we don't have any idea where we will find it.

There has to be a huge amount of information hidden here, but millions of people working on it in their spare time have only uncovered the clues which are superficial. Not one post says "I have found a fragment of a deeper code".

You know what that means? I think it means that most of the information is graphical. "A picture is worth a thousand words" in other words.

Take the whole fairies pointing to a space in a grid. They have sharp little fingers don't they? Not just pointing to one of the boxes, but a particular place in the box. If you overlay a 5,000 meter x 5,000 meter map (or satellite photo) then the fairy is pointing to "a" tree. All you need then is a reference point for the upper left corner(or whatever).

What does all this mean? Well at least two things I can think of;

1. Trying to guess the letters or numbers in a five by five box is way harder than guessing a credit card number and nobody has found the instructions for filling in the blanks...so

2. The solution is likely to be a random extrapolation of unrelated items that will be near impossible to guess. "The eyes on the inside cover intersect at a mushroom that is red so take the number of letters in the color and use that for the longitude of the upper left corner of the grid"...you get the idea.

I hope I am wrong about this, but if you had a million dollars at stake and you knew a million cryptologists were going to try to solve the puzzle; how would you hide it?

Ok rant complete, now back to trying to decode these celtic knots...