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Thread: Happy Dyngus Day!

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    Default Happy Dyngus Day!

    Dyngus Day is a big thing among the Polish-American population (in some areas). I have no Polish background, but near my home it's more of a Political day, when all the politicians pretty much HAVE to show up for Keilbasa sausage, boiled eggs, and cabbage (of course with the obligitory beer).

    "Dyngus Day history
    While Dyngus Day has evolved into politicking in the United States, Dyngus Day in Poland was traditionally the day boys tried to drench girls with squirt guns, buckets of water, and much more. The girls got their chances for revenge the following day. Now the Monday is usually celebrated by everyone drenching or sprinkling each other.

    Dyngus Day is a commemoration of the birth of Christianity in Poland (966 A.D.) in which Holy Baptism was administered to Prince Mieszko on Easter Monday, uniting all of Poland under the banner of Christianity."



    Just one of those things to file away in your "useless bits of trivia completely unrelated to the ATT hunt but fun to learn about" file...
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    Only you, Cat, would know about the origin of a holiday where boys drenched girls with squirt guns! Break out the supersoakers and let's celebrate!
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    aww, i missed it!
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    Default dyngus day

    I don't know about everyone else, but I really don't want to be around anyone that has been eating sausage, eggs and cabbage while drinking beer. Sheesh, don't light a match near anyone!!
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