Okay, so this is the dream I had last night...I'll let it speak for itself

I was with a group of people (I think), and we were near either a mountain range, or a rocky place with train tracks running through it. An industrial train came through, loaded with logs, and as it went through the rocks, some of the logs hit the sides and either splintered and/or fell off. The guide explained to us that these pieces were causing more and more beech trees to grow, and they were destroying the ecosystem. I turned to look at the small beech saplings, and noticed that they had covered up the ground under the saplings with burlap. I couldnā€™t figure out why they would do that if they didnā€™t want the trees around.

Then I was looking at one. The tree had a face on its side. The smiling, open mouth was made of bark that had separated, showing the wood underneath. I canā€™t remember what the eyes looked like. But the nose, thatā€™s the important part. The nose stuck out of the tree, looking almost like a faucet (straight out a short length, then a short length turned downward). I looked under the nose, and saw that it was carved out and hollow. And then I noticed a glint of something goldish colored. I stuck my hand up the treeā€™s nose, and pulled out the token! On the back of the token was a chip that opened (looked almost like those electronic organizers you used to be able to getā€¦the ones that flipped open) and a piece of paper, rolled up and attached. I woke up soon after that, but I still remember the excitement of finding it, and then thinking that I couldnā€™t redeem it because I needed to figure out how Iā€™d have come to that location exactly. As a side note, it was the grasshopper token.

So there you go. The grasshopper token is on a beech tree, stuck up the treeā€™s nose!

*sigh* I really need to stop thinking about this book so muchā€¦