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Thread: How would you do this???

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    Default How would you do this???

    Very, very early on Sunday morning, May 1, 2005, a group of frustrated but very creative treasure hunters sat at their computers in our chat room, sharing ideas and comments. Doc, debz, searcher, sassy, shirleylock, grnprincss, and d0a0b were thinking out loud and came up with the idea of a game based on "A Treasure's Trove" (some shared more than others).

    These are the basics, as taken from chat, rearranged slightly so as to clarify:

    (originally speaking about deciphering the spider border on 20-21)

    00:09:01 [Doc] I don't think you can land on a 0 knot. I'll have to check into it some more.
    00:09:29 [searcher] well, I played the game a variety of ways LOL
    00:09:43 [searcher] I could have broken a rule
    00:09:48 [searcher] lol (laughing out loud for those who don't know)
    00:09:52 [Doc] LOL
    00:10:16 [debz] nah, not searcher....
    00:10:27 [searcher] but, I had no clear directions so invented rules
    00:15:16 [searcher] sorry, I ended the game at 10 and 16 LOL
    00:15:46 [Doc] That's not the number of knots we would 'collect', though.
    00:15:52 [sassy] and mr stadther sits back and cracks up laughing at this room lol
    00:15:57 [Doc] We would only collect the knots that both spiders cross at the same time.
    00:16:02 [searcher] I would hope knot
    00:16:19 [sassy] playing a spider board game - you got to love this book
    00:16:31 [searcher] and the man! lol
    00:17:04 [debz] I think he just sits and shakes his head! hahahahah
    00:17:45 [sassy] i see it posted at the front sign in: "see tweleve's new spider board game found by searcher and played by doc"
    00:17:52 [Doc] LOL
    00:18:06 [Doc] Only if I have a jeweled spider to move around my board.
    00:18:16 [searcher] not my idea - all Doc's lol
    00:18:16 [debz] After the puzzles are solved, board games could be made for big bucks. I got ideas... just no backing hahahahah
    00:18:44 [debz] Like Monopoly! ahhahah call it "The Great Forest Caper"
    00:18:48 [searcher] good idea Doc, a diamond spider playing piece
    00:18:53 [shirleyloc] Maybe we should begin a marketing strategy now
    00:19:22 [searcher] we could form ...oh no...a "group"
    00:19:23 [debz] Instead of "Go To Jail", ya go "To The Grotto"! hahahah
    00:19:47 [searcher] have little bags of black dust
    00:20:42 [debz] Have different trees you can buy and build your very own TREE HOUSE
    00:21:11 [searcher] charge rent if you land on my treehouse lot
    00:21:01 [debz] Have Pook Lane with thistles, and scratch and sniff stinky! hahahahah
    00:21:04 [sassy] i want to smoosh one as soon as i hear it thumping about me house
    00:21:39 [sassy] you have to wear socks on your head and steal buttons from other players
    00:22:21 [shirleyloc] lol, sassy!
    00:22:27 [sassy] ok we will use koots they will be the go to jail cards for theft
    00:23:02 [searcher] jail will be dying willow trees
    00:23:09 [debz] no paper bills, only TOKENS! hahahah
    00:23:15 [sassy] what do we gotta do with the dark dust?????
    00:23:29 [searcher] sprinkle it on the loser!
    00:24:12 [debz] board could only be a 5x5
    00:24:25 [sassy] no no no no no BOXES!
    00:24:57 [sassy] hey we can use them little blocks
    00:25:35 [debz] And throw some scrap rubics (cube pieces) or anagrams to get out of the GROTTO
    00:26:19 [searcher] Caesar shift to figure out how many you move on your turn
    00:26:57 [sassy] and a salary card - each time you pass go, you get the ladybug value or the bird value
    00:26:59 [debz] You could get a card to move two spaces, "hop on a dragonfly, or grab a snail and go back!!" hahahah
    00:27:25 [debz] You can only hum if you get the hummingbird
    00:27:37 [sassy] and if you get a cat you automatically win the game
    00:27:55 [searcher] no dandelion wine, only honeysuckle
    00:27:59 [debz] what do you get if you get an elephant?
    00:28:07 [sassy] and if you draw Rusful you get to do a dare
    00:29:02 [debz] nah sassy, ya gotta take off your shoes, stick out your tongue, and dye your hair orange
    00:28:24 [debz] I can see it now... The Spider Web could be the border!
    00:28:42 [sassy] Ana has to go in the middle
    00:28:55 [searcher] acorns - we need to use them as dice
    00:29:58 [debz] Have to sit upon the leaves, and you don't want the one with all the veins, they are itchy! hahahah
    00:30:31 [sassy] game comes complete with purple thistle and clover
    00:30:48 [searcher] can't eat the mushrooms, they will make you sick and you will lose a turn
    00:31:30 [debz] but... you can buy the CB (companion book), for an extra charge…
    00:31:51 [sassy] but it is not needed to win the game
    00:32:20 [sassy] we could have different paths, like life
    00:32:26 [debz] right, just to "tease" your mind, and plug you up with beeswax
    00:32:40 [sassy] this way to the grotto, this way to the cavern, this way to the cave!
    00:33:00 [sassy] just for some added confusion
    00:33:21 [debz] Hidden poem tidbits could be scrawled along the edges,
    00:33:24 [sassy] stop at the birch grove and pay the linden stump
    00:33:46 [debz] We would have to include a magnifying glass, lots of grids, and a BIG BOTTLE of Excedrin!!!
    00:35:19 [debz] its for Families... play it with your children.. they could win...
    00:42:22 [grnprincss] Unfortunately, basing in on MS's book would probably be copyright infringement.
    00:43:22 [shirleyloc] Yep, but I'll bet if we came up w/ a good enough idea, he'd give us the go-ahead....'specially if part of it went to arts and/or environment.

    And so it went… not such a bad idea! How would you create a game? Share your ideas, and we'll ask Mr. Stadther to read this thread.
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    Weren't you wondering about that noise behind you?


    That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of course the people who find the spider and grasshopper get the boardwalk and park place spots if its like a monopoly board

    each of the little pieces you move around are cheap metal imitations of the jewels

    and if somebody finds more than one jewel in real life, they can play the game with them!

    Most definitely one of the greatest ideas ever concieved on this board

    way to go guys!
    Or am I just paranoid...

    *Of course*

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    What a cute idea! When I was younger, I designed and created a board game for a science fair project. It was so much fun, and at the same time, educational (I was studying snakes at the time, and it was a game to educate others on the benefits of snakes, and how to recognize the dangerous ones, etc.) I have a few ideas, will submit them once I get it all sort of making sense. Maybe we can get him to do something like that - it would be a great way to keep the publicity going and to get people to stay interested in the story itself and buy the book once the contest is over! Sounds like you guys had a blast in the chat with this! Some great ideas! Not sure if I would want dark dust in my hair if I lost though....people might think it's some REALLY weird case of dandruff. Might be hard for me to get a date. LOL

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    Default Such A Grand Idea...

    What a wonderful, collaborative idea!! Since I inadvertently have decorated my girls' room re ATT I am still stuck on my children's bed and bath line, ya know, spider sheets, catapillar comforters, firefly lamps, beds like Yorah, ana antiseptic soap dispensers, and, of course, pook potty-trainers (thistles, extra ...

    I feel att has opened an avenue of creative thought, for example, Cryptic's poem, that is almost, almost,... as nice as finding a token

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