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Thread: Best Way to Turn 54 Colored Squares into a Hungarian Puzzle

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    Default Best Way to Turn 54 Colored Squares into a Hungarian Puzzle

    and the winner is ...


    On Thursday, March 31, at aproximately 8pm, the second clue appeared on atreasurestrove.com. It was a series of six 3x3 grids, with six distinct colored squares. Very shortly thereafter, dunkang -- a very mysterious Tweleve visitor, with only 2 posts to his name -- posted the following to both Tweleve and cheapknockoff.com:
    "Don't read this if you don't want the answer to the 2nd clue. You need to think 3 dimensional. Solve the rubik's cube put the colors on the right sides and read. It says 'There are no intentional red herrings posted in March. Not April 1' Have a good night! Wink"

    Stadther confirmed this solution informally at some of the book signings and readings, but then officially posted the solution to his website on May 4. As he put it on the official solution page:
    The first hint to the solution is based on the 6 colors used in the boxes that contain the letters. The second hint is that there are 6 3x3 squares, like the six sides of a cube. Combining the second hint with the six colors should lead you to the possibility that this clue was based on one of the most popular puzzles ever, Rubik's cube.You can solve the second clue in several ways.

    1. Anagram all of the letters, but this leads to too many results to easily interpret.

    2. Remove all of the sticky colored labels from a Rubik's cube, draw letters on them and solve the cube, giving you the solution with the letters in order.

    3. Deduce the corners, edges and centers of a Rubik's cube by hand and draw your solution on paper.
    Personally, I think this is a brilliant puzzle and an equally brilliant solution. I'm terribly envious of dunkang, in part because I had my Rubik's cube and a bunch of colored paper by my bedside table on the 31st, and was planning to spend the following morning cutting and pasting and following the exact same line of reasoning -- but, alas, he beat me to the punch (or post, as it were).

    The cheapknockoff.com post was made at aproximately 10pm on the 31st, only two short hours after the clue went online. Perhaps the only thing more bizzare than the blazing speed with which dunkang tackled this puzzle is that he hasn't posted to any of the Treasure Trove websites since!

    dunkang's Tweleve post

    cheapknockoff.com post

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    thank you turkeymonkey -

    I fully believe in giving credit where credit is due. I was surprised after I made the original nomination that the posts turned to how close everyone was to solving it in chat. That's great - but group hugs should be posted elsewhere. Yesterday, I read on ATT site how this clue was solved on Tweleve in chat in 2 hours. I guess when someone accomplishes something, everyone wants to claim credit.

    C'mon people - this kind of thing only discourages lurkers from posting! And I think we want fresh ideas and quick solutions!
    Just when you think you see the light at the end of the tunnel, someone orders more tunnel.

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