There have been many trovers searching Lake Dardanelle SP in Arkansas over the last few days. Still no confirmation that the token has been found. The concensus is that the tree is quite obvious, and others have searched throughout the park, just in case. We went Sat. with no luck. Checked web sites to see if it was claimed. After hearing about the fiasco with the bee , and how deep it was, we decided to stay overnight, and check again. We returned this morning, and saw two other groups. We learned the tree has been metal detected, with no hint of metal. There have been several attempts with magnets, mirrors, and other such objects. Someone even DUG OUT part of the muck inside the tree, making a real mess. We were there, trying a telescoping magnet, when the Park Supervisor showed up. He told us three groups that we were to "cease and desist" (yes, he actually said that!) and stated there was to be no more attempts to retrieve anything from the tree. The tree is going to be barricaded today, and if anyone touches the tree or gets close to it, they will be cited first. If they do it again, they will be ARRESTED. He said the Director of Parks was going to try to contact MS after the holiday weekend, to demand the token be removed immediately, if it's not already gone. Also, for future reference, it is illegal to metal detect in all National Parks and State Parks. He also said it was illegal for MS to put anything in the park without registering it. They allow these kind of hunts (he mentioned GPS hunts), but they have to be registered with the Director. Also, there have been people digging in the tree , and making a mess, and possibly harming the tree. That is why he is stopping it. He also said he went on a web site last night, and saw people talking about chainsaws (even though WE know they were joking), and he wasn't going to tolerate the hunt anymore. SO THE HUNT FOR THE CATERPILLAR IS OVER! If you have any questions, you can email me at