Fellow trovers,
As you all know, this is getting out of control, not only with puzzle solutions (which is great) but with carelessness ( IMHO ). This is suppose to be a fun project, but it feels like everyone is going nuts (which I understand) be lets be civil about going to the locations. I know we are all excited and just want people to know about ATT. but look what has happend so far.

1. By releasing info to a non-trover, that person retrieved a token. Sad story but its a "Token Found"

2. Now where it is to be believe where the caterpillar, it is closed off by park officials. These trrees are not meant to pick, probed. I understand the nature of the hunt, but lets be careful.


By #2 alone I believe that MS can offcially cancel the entire thing. We dont want that to happen.

Figure out the clues, drive/fly to the loation, look for the token and go home and post your findings and your great experience.

Lets be carfull ok? ......

happy hunting