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Thread: 5 tokens missing!!! Are you ready to race???

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    Default 5 tokens missing!!! Are you ready to race???

    First, congrats to all the hard-working trovers out there who have made this experience great...and congratulations to the rightful finders of the jewels!!! You guys are great; you took it all the way, and made it to the finish line!!!

    Well, my brother had a flash of inspiration over the weekend about the grasshopper, and turns out he was right!!! We regret that we were not able to get out of Philly in time and join the hunt in J Baird Park. We figure that was the last token within reasonable driving distance, which seems to be the case with the possible finding of the butterfly in N.C. But, we are still hopeful.

    I am diligently working on the spider, and little bro is working the beetle. Best wishes to everyone as we continue to inch towards our goal!!!!

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    Hey Las!!!

    I think of our fond memories in Danbury back in March, when we got to see the jewels and meet the big man himself. We never thought these days would be here, and so darn quickly. The tokens are dropping off like nobody's business!

    Even if we don't find a token, we still have those great memories searching for clues and the joy of our roadtrips. Good luck to all!

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