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Thread: so the theory about Zac being blind was a red herring?

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    Default so the theory about Zac being blind was a red herring?

    When this first started everyone thought Zac was blind. None of the clues is geared towards the blind, as far as I know. Anyone still think blindness has any merit in this book.

    BTW I think MS has done a wonderful job and has brought more families together than he ever dreamed possible. This has touched a lot of lives, for the better.
    May he and his family be blessed!

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    I think it still has merit.

    In the beginning I did not know about this site, so I posted on ATT forum. One of the first things I posted was my theory that Zac was partially blind/legally blind. Meaning he is someone who is considered legally blind, but can still see certain images (fuzzy) in the day, however he cannot see well at night.

    Here was my reasoning:

    * His eyes are not open in any pictures throughout the book. Only Ana's eyes are open once, when she is holding Pook in the air.

    * His tools were placed 'neatly in place', in order, on his workbench. Read that sentance, it actually explains it better in the book. People who are partially blind do this so their things are easily accessible, and routines are safer.

    * After Ana was taken and Zac returned home in the dark, the book says he "felt" the house was empty. I don't have bk in front of me, so I cannot direct quote but read that chapter, you'll see what I mean. He "felt", did not "see".

    * Pook is his assistance dog, and that is why he is afraid of the dark. This one is a guess though.

    * Zac looks eerily like Louis Braille, but that could be coincidence.

    There are other numerous references throughout the book that support this theory. The way it mentions Zac and his movements, actions, and thoughts.

    This is the way I think it applied to the poem and 5x5;

    ....Zac saw things he had never seen before, and he took those things and put them in the box....

    I think those things were letters, something Zac, if blind, had never seen before. When you consider that MS tells you in the intro about,
    "anyone who can read can discover the exact location of each treasure---just the way one of the characters does in the story"
    I think he is referring to Zac and this is what he is implying and telling us to do to solve the puzzles. When used in conjunction with the poem, this is telling us to fill the boxes with letters from the alphabet.

    When Zac dreamed, he was able to see things in a new light, and things became more "clear" to him.

    I don't know, I firmly believe he is at least partially blind, and will until the solution book comes out and MS says yes or know to the blind idea.
    Maybe he has macular degeneration or something...

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    I read a story in the newspaper recently regarding a school that trains dogs to assist the blind. During their training, when on duty, the dogs are fitted with a yellow cape. When they graduate they are given a blue cape. Since reading that I have thought often about the picture on page 72.

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    In my humble opinion, Zac is not blind. He was able to pick out a fallen limb when he was searching for the last piece of the jewelry box. He was able to see the "blue dragonfly". Lots more references to Zac seeing things. About his closed eyes, well, maybe MS wanted him to look peaceful, who knows.

    In any event, I think the reason he didn't see the fairies was that he didn't believe in them. Did you guys ever see the movie Hook with Robin Williams? When he is sitting down for the feast, he sees all the kids eating NOTHING because he doesn't believe, but then when he does believe, he sees a wonderful spread.

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    I don't think Zac is blind. I just think that MS got tired after drawing and painting all of those pictures and just said 'To heck with drawing in the eyes. I'm just drawing neat little lines so his eyes are closed. Eyelashes - simple...eyeBALLS - not so much.' Score one for the lazy crowd!
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