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Thread: Solution manual?

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    Default Solution manual?

    Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but does anyone know if Stradther is planning on publishing a complete solution manual after the hunt is over? I would love to see how much is actually in the book, as well as the things that we have "seen" but were not what he intended.

    Just curious.

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    It looks like he is planning one. He posted this request for treasure hunting stories on his site. It will be interesting to see the official solves as well as the retellings of various hunts. Good luck, writers!


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    Here's my treasure hunting story. In it's entirety...

    I dug in a knothole in the tree in my backyard. Got a funky rash on my hand. Decided the fates were warning me, so just tried to solve the puzzles and let others with more time and less sensitive skin go looking for the tokens. The End.

    Yeah, I think I have a real shot at getting in that solution book. And maybe even winning some kind of award for 'Best Treasure Hunting Story'. MS will probably want to meet me.
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