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Thread: is the forum starved for ideas?

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    Default is the forum starved for ideas?

    Are people getting crazy, or desperate?
    I haven't seen any good ideas anywhere for a while now. I feel like people are rehashing old ideas, or worse, they are continuing to insist that, "Well, the hummingbird and all 8 other tokens required a 5X5 code, but maybe these other 3 require us to see the shapes of states in the drawings....."


    And yet, and yet......

    I am running out of ideas now, too!


    Just felt that the Blunt Chisel was a place to be blunt AND vent.


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    **Cat leads rihel to the pastel-colored rubber room with promises of loads of chocolate to munch on and nice, big punchng bags to hit as much as rihel wants...**

    I think we're at a place where people are afraid to share much, because the tokens seemed to fall so quickly.

    I'll be awfully interested in Mr. Stadther's follow-up book about the hunt, and his take on the internet community.

    (By the way, he's asking for your stories about your search on his website...
    http://www.atreasurestrove.com/Publi...orum/index.cfm )
    "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." (Henry David Thoreau)

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