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Thread: Thanks!

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    Default Thanks!

    As you can see (and as I have posted before) I was one of the unlucky ones that got on board after the first token was found. I, like others, have had that 'newbie' feeling at times, which is why I do not make many posts, however I finally felt I needed to post this. Being an elementary school librarian, after I first read of the dragonfly being found, and realizing that I had not been aware of the coolest childrens book of the decade, I was ashamed of myself
    But, not to let my poor timing get the best of me, I quickly began finding out all I could...and of course this led me straight to tweleve.org.
    After spending the entire first weekend reading the book, and ALL the posts here, I decided two things: 1) I was never going to be able to play 'catch up' on this book, and anxiously await the next (MS's next...or perhaps Destructos )... and 2) THIS IS TRULY ONE OF THE BEST ORGANIZED FORUMS I HAVE EVER SEEN!
    Kudos to all that created and maintain tweleve.org! Keep up the GREAT work!

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    I agree - this is the greatest forum I have ever visited. Well moderated, well organized, and low tolerance for rude language and immature behavior. I love it here. We need to come up with something else to talk about once the hunt is over, just so we can keep the forum going. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melslp79
    I agree - this is the greatest forum I have ever visited.

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    We're glad you like it here, and it's a shame that so many tokens were encoded with the same scheme, meaning that they're all getting grabbed up faster than new people can catch up.

    We'll be here for future ATT hunts though, the next one is coming out September of next year.

    Before then, I'm also creating a hunt and I'll let all the new twelevers know when it's published!

    There's a lot more fun and puzzles ahead, so don't worry that this hunt is almost over. In fact, this site has really set a new trend, we broke a 3 year hunt in 6 months.... most hunts like this take years and many of them are never solved. The work of Twelevers sharing information really accomplished something great here.

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    Default Me too.

    I too am new.. but have caught up almost effortlessly with this brilliant forum. Yes, thanks to all the mods/monks/creators. You are truly appreciated!


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    I want to get in on the props! You guy rock! Even though I am not new.



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