I know many people had a LOT of fun just making connections with other like-minded people online, and I figure they may be going through a kind of "withdrawal".

There's a woman's website I have been involved with for years that is a possible alternative for some. It started as a "self-help" kind of sharing place, but it's the everyday kind of "survival" it does best in now. It holds everything from recipes to household "how-tos", silliness and serious discussion. What you find interesting, you get involved in online discussion, whether it's reading or canning.

No costs; it's free.

Men are welcome, too, but we run a tight ship and don't go beyond "slightly naughty" jokes and comments. (Actually, the few men who do post at Mrs S are held in rather high esteem because they ARE nice. )

You can read without registration, but you'll have more fun if you jump in.

I think you'll figure out who I am there pretty quickly...