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Thread: Oddities of A Treasure's Trove

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    Default Oddities of A Treasure's Trove

    ATT has a thread like this, and I thought it was a good idea. There are so many oddities... Will they be explained in the solution book? Are they to be used for the Pook token? Is Doc right, and there is an Uber-puzzle? Or are they just typos, or oddities?

    I'll start the list off with a few:

    There are so many similies and metaphors. My personal "favorite" is "The sun shone like a recently washed saucer."

    Why the hidden "s" in the snail dropcap?

    Why the black "c" in the index?

    Caterpillar says "vo-cab-u-lar-y"

    Snail speak always has ... and the first letters are caps

    I could go on and on, but that should kick things off.

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    This interests me, too. Has anyone figured out the reason for the strange spellings.... like tweleve? I hope MS gets a good proof-reader for the next book!

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    The wierd punctuation.

    The black and white pictures.

    Chapter 19 has no color drop cap.

    The ties between puzzles. (ie Not limited to, but including, the celtic knots on pg 88, sharing the drop cap with the beetle map frag, etc.)

    Twice repeating the order of flight, with two pictures.

    The missing butterfly and ant at the end.

    III II II on the oak leaf on pg 19

    "Dreamer one on ending, I cause your puzzling"

    sue- my favorite similie/metaphor: "as if dawn had broken bright as noon"

    my thoughts-

    Those are the ones I think of off the top of my head.
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    The small yellow "Y" on Rusful's ankle on p.80.

    The white "r" in the dust on p.20.

    The tools page illustration.

    The '80' on the forehead, "pry" in the curly guy's hair and everything else on p.55's black and white border.
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    two chapters that have the EXACT same number of words in them...

    (sorry, but I tossed all my text notes away after the text became meaningless for solutions)

    they were in the first half of the book...

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    Default Re: Oddities of A Treasure's Trove

    Quote Originally Posted by suelough
    Why the hidden "s" in the snail dropcap?
    See my recent post on the Page 66 thread for an "s" observation.

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    The faeries book (Ye Nomenclayure of Faeries) displays the open page as 12 and if you count the pages it should only be 10.

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    The black C in "Chapter 13" in the Table of Contents - all others were blue.....

    Page 101 - Spider mates drawn apart from each other - all other mates were drawn touching, even overlapping.....

    Here's another:

    Based on playing with actual blocks and a flashlight, it seems like the blocks page (63) is meant to be viewed upside-down.

    When the page is inverted, all the vertical blockfaces have shadow lines at the top, and none have shadow lines at the bottom. This is consistent with light coming from above, not below, the blocks.

    Even the two different sets of acorns obviously have light shining on them from opposite directions, as if trying to get us to notice the whole light-source-direction thing.

    This played no part in the solution - it would have been more difficult to decode the solution with the page inverted. So, why is it like that?
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    On the Spider pages, the parts of the knots with the Orange background showing through. Mistakes? Meaningful? Or just a distraction?

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    "To Helen" is pink

    Darkened acorn on page 96

    The snail pointing towards page 69 in the table of contents

    The lowercase "a" on one of the thistles on page 69

    On the page with Ana locked int he tree, 11 of the branches extend into the border, the rest do not.

    Some animals are missing in the text near the end of the book.

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