because I believe it was the beetle found - (at a site I discarded about a month ago as mostly treeless to the best of my recollection last time I was there and now am swiftly kicking self!) at least feel confident enough that I did not make the trip to GA ?I had planned - to a site I had 'solved' - instead I have been relaxing - continuing to read tweleve - of course! - and took 3 of my girls and one tiny grandson (16 months) to see James Taylor in concert at starwood theatre in nashville - just returned - bit of a drive for me - but.....
it felt real good to get back some life outside of puzzling !!!!!

now I am curious as to what other kinds of exciting and/or interesting things people who are rebounding from puzzling are doing! how are you filling the gap!

(and yes I do know Pook is still out there but I haven't been as fascinated with the farty dog as I have by the beetle from the start!)

1111 miles and no token but still out here having a great time! glad to wake up on the right side of the grass each day