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Thread: The Weigh In

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    Default The Weigh In

    Ok.....believe it or not.....I have actually had peeps ask me for my solution, location, tree page and puzzle page for my "coveted" SQUAT token. (Thanks to des.........I've had a few laughs and feel quite honored).

    I've struggled over how to address this issue honestly, and the best I can do is tell you that I've weighed all my "hard copy" notes, plus two ATT books, and what brain cells I have left (or maybe it's just one by now), and my weigh in amount of work totalled 35 lbs.

    I'm sure by some means I'm still just a featherweight.

    That's my solve......and I'm sticking to it!!

    PS......What the H3LL does TRUST mean under my name??? You guyzzzz are sneaky!!
    The only token I found was SQUAT!!!

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    Haha Thanks Debz, you've answered the second greatest mystery of ATT besides WHO HAS THE SPIDER?

    As for Trust, it's part of the TWELEVE step program.

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