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Thread: Price of ATT slashed???

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    Default Price of ATT slashed???

    Don't know if any others here got this news from Amazon, but I got a nice little email this morning informing me that the price of ATT has been slashed by 32%.
    Making the book now only $13.95.
    ........book sales must be dropping.......and what about the poor folk who just now buy it........how will they know that the tokens/jewels have all been found????

    MS needs to put a disclaimer sticker, in the shape of a SQUAT token, inside the books.

    "Sorry customers, but the folks at TWELEVE, already solved the puzzles, and many own tokens/jewels.......so......... buy EARLIER next time!!!"
    The only token I found was SQUAT!!!

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    Is the 13.95 for the hardback? I am looking to buy the hardback since my paperback is falling apart. That is probably why the price has gone down, all the treasures are found but one and pretty much noone will buy it.
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