I discovered the spirit of the hunt this summer when my youngest daughter and I went on a 1,111 mile search and had amazing adventures (which I will eventually chronicle but it will be lengthy!) - and then again yesterday when I took several of my girls to Louisville (about 160 miles one way from our south central Kentucky home) to the Speed Museum. Stadther makes and excellent presentation and we got books signed (multiple for family and friends! heaidng to town later today to mail your copies Krakathepirate!) and not only got to see the jewels in the glass case - all 12 at once! awesome! I actually - after looking through the museum gift shop and seeing some other parts - came back through the display area and was able to watch Stadther remove the jewels and place them all back into the traveling case - an amazing hard shell with soft black cushy stuff and places specially designed to hold all the jewels safe for travel - watched him make the last count to be sure he had them all there and close the case and start the receipting process with Brinks to cart them to whatever place they reside when not on display - I was inches - less than a foot away - watching this in amazement - he is really quite casual about it! I was also thrilled that he had framed illustration pieces at the reading and I got to take beautiful pics of those as well! and after waiting in line to get my copies of the books signed for everyone - asked if we could get a pic - a young gracious fellow offered to do the snap for us so I wouldn't have to be the one behind the camera (my usual spot! - lol) Stadther suggest taking 2 pics - of course we were all for that! so we made on smiling ( big happy faces!!!!) and then he said he liked to do a 'dark' one and told us all to be very frowny and sober - kind of like they want you to do in those old timey pics where every one used to feel they had to be so somber for! and my youngest - Zoe (15) started to get the giggles at the idea - took her a minute to get composed - it was great! I had my two youngest daughters one of their friends and also my youngest son's fiance joined us - the 5 of us had an awesome time! this book has led to so much family time - pouring through the methods and differnet ideas we all shared - I love the book and am so grateful that Mr. Stadther wrote this book - I am very happy the search continues and I now can also justify the expense of the old used Minnie Winnie (very old version Winnebago) for it will be useful for the continuing search! (like I need an excuse for such an extravagace!) anyway - what I wanted to say is the treasure can be in experiencing the book and the 'troving' can be more valuable than all the jewels together. It has been so for me! oh! and he had on a wonderul shirt covered in flowers slightly reminiscent of the flowers in the new clues and to otehrs in the book (silk) I am going to lookinto putting the pics I made online somehwere and will place a link here - just can't decide where! anyway - lots to do - its the last day of my weekend and much to do - just wanted to share! I do love this hunt - (and have also recently acquired both the secret and Whictle Pig though not gotten deep into either yet) and find the treasure is in the pursuit and it matters not whether I ever find treaure beyond the journey which is truly amazing