Destructo Chango...

How to begin? When I first met Des we were both hanging out in the Q4T boards with suelough excited about ATT coming out. We decided to make a private forum to talk about it in. I registered the domains, des set up the hosting. I found him to be very smart and motivated about the project and considered him a good partner. Over time and the course of ATT I found myself time and time again apologizing to users and putting out fires because of his aggressive tactics in handling our users. I asked him to chill, he never really seemed to be able to. One after one we seemed to be alienating people which is NOT what Tweleve is about. There are many small details, I made a personal deal with Mike Stadther to provide a signed copy of ATT and a sketch of Pook for the PALMS contest, and Des managed to contact them and change the delivery address-to this day I have not seen either of them. He insisted on control of our paypal account and linked it directly to his personal bank account. His ego was making us look bad especially his negative posts in the press about Mike Stadther.

Fast forward to September. Des put an amazon banner on the forum without consulting any one else involved with the forum. This had been a major point of contention and I was irritated he had done so. I let him know this. The next day, I tried checking my Tweleve email. He had changed my password. I tried FTP. He had changed my password. I tried to log into the forum, only to find me LOGGED IN in bright green at the bottom. I assume he was reading my PM's as I had always suspected him of doing to other users. I tried for 3 days to get in touch with him through PM, email, and IM. The answer I got was in the form of an email from my domain registrar informing me that Des had attempted to FRAUDULENTLY transfer from my PERSONAL domain account. At this point as many of you can understand, I was fuming. I sent many PM's , many posts in our office. All unanswered. I believe that if he had been able to transfer the domain away from me, he would have banned me and never looked back. Once he realized I had the domain name, he realized he had to deal with me. I managed to get most of my passwords back including one that lead to me making my present desicion.

The paypal account. After asking for almost 12 months, I was finally granted the ability to make checks and balances on the Tweleve account that was linked to Des's bank. What I found were presents for women bought with YOUR money, over $1350 in withdrawals to his personal bank account, plane tickets for trips to look for tokens he never told me he took, in total over $2000 missing dollars of donations to Tweleve. I confronted him about this, he treated me like an idiot said it all added up and in the end agreed to repay $350.

I consulted a good friend of mine, registered the trademark TWELEVE, formed a company Tweleve LLC, registered the domains in that name, transferred the databases and files for the forum I had built and forwarded the DNS.

Des is no longer an administrator of this site. Because of his aggressive ways and his dishonest tactics he has been removed from his post. I would like to publicly request the $2600 dollars he owes this site to be paid back in full in a reasonable time frame. I'M going to cover the $250 to host this site personally for the next year because we have no $$...Before I logged from his server, I was of course sure to leave the old forum in working order. Apparently Des plans to register a domain and SPAM posts here about his forum and spread all sorts of negative energy like Peck from 12gems but there is nothing I can do about that (besides delete his posts.) He is also apparently going to abuse the email list we have and email all of you to spam his site. I am sorry about this and once again there is nothing I can do.

I am very sorry that it had to come to this, but sometimes you misjudge people. We plan on continuing STRONG into 2006 and have some really awesome things planned for you in the new year. I want to thank you all for your support and personal friendship and most of all for your continued support of Tweleve through thick and thin. If you have any questions please contact me personally at Thanks.