You may have noticed the (um whats the word...ugly?) Amazon banners at the top and bottom of the forums. While we agree they are rather blinky and annoying they are necessary to help counter the rising costs of being professionally hosted and mirrored. Please do use them if interested as we get a % at NO cost to you. There is a simple way to get rid of them and upgrade your Tweleve experience at the same time. Simply donate a small amount to Tweleve and we will not only give you an ad free forum but we will provide you with TwelevePlus which has cool things like audio in chat, your own @tweleve email, private forums and more! Click [html:4b14d15e5a]
here[/html:4b14d15e5a] to learn more about it. How much do we expect for the upgrade? Any amount will do. Donate once and get access for life. All the benefactors have been auto upgraded (if I missed anyone just PM me!). Thank you for the support.

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