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Thread: Funny Treasure Hunting Stories

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    Yikes!!! Sort of makes me wanna bring pepper spray on my next hunt...creepy!! Thanks for the twollers!!

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    When we went to Pattons Run, we were somewhat surprised to walk into a white-water rescue situation. A little boy around 5 had fallen into the river and his dad had jumped in to get him. They were both floating down the river in separate directions, and folks were scrambling to throw a rope across the river for them.

    It was all well and good except that my girls were IN the river at the time, splashing away, and my mom was face first in a tree trunk scooping out debris. The boy and the father both made it to the bank on the far side of the river, and declined the rescuer's request to 'come over here' by way of the rope. My mom pulled out of the tree, noticed that four rafts had pulled over, and said, "what did I miss?" My children just rolled their eyes and kept splashing.

    Later, since we didn't find the butterfly token, we took the girls gem mining. The woman who ran the place was nice enough to tell us which bags to choose, and our girls found some treasure after all. They were screaming their heads off when the woman identified emeralds and star sapphires.

    Not the funniest of stories, but definitely an eventful day.

    (Thanks, Steve.)


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