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Thread: Off-topic comp help needed!

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    Default Off-topic comp help needed!

    I know there are better sites for this question, but most lead to lack of any real help.

    I have 2 computers (both self-built), 1 is about 3 yrs old (AMD 1.6 gig 512k 133 ram biostar m7vip motherboard) and a pretty brand spanking new one (Intel 2.7 gig 512 166 ram forgot MB) any info needed can be supplied. The thing is both suffer a similar problem, random closing of programs (IE,firefox,Tmpgenc,AOL,anything) mostly higher memory progs, but Im amazed firefox hasnt crashed yet writing this. I have ran every version of XP pro (corp,retail,OEM) and tried XP home retail, all with the same results. Ive updated everything, not much difference (maybe a bit more stable).

    My drive that previously had Xp pro crashed, and nothing has been the same since. If you can help me with my program instability, please either post or PM me, it is rare but windows restarts also with no blue screen, although most the time Im not around, I have witnessed many sudden unprompted crashes. Its getting old as I have ALOT of work to regain what I lost, and this is turning into a headache. Thanks!

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    first I would download and run Adaware to check for spyware... then run some form of antivirus program.. preferably updated.. to check for viruses... with that out of the way... click start-run then type msconfig in the box... click the startup tab and check for any malicious software starting up on your computer.. the less boxes checked, the less that starts up with windows... which equals faster start times and usually faster performance... though be careful not to uncheck any vital windows components or parts of your antivirus software etc... if uncertain about a program, google it... you can usually find a site that will tell you what the program does...(by program I also mean application or driver etc..)..if your still having problems after all that... check your system memory... bad memory will make a computer restart randomly etc... if you have more than one stick in your computer, remove one at a time and see if that solves it until you find the faulty culprit... if all that check out ok then lastly check system temp. you can have a overheating issue that can be causing the problems... check your fans for dust build up or try leaving the case open and putting a small table fan blowing directly into the case.... thats about all I have for ya... good luck...
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    I had something very similar happen to me last Dec when I rebuilt my computer into a new case. It turns out what was plagueing me was a simple hardware issue. On the back of the power supply, there was a switch that controls how much electricity goes into the computer. It can be set to either 110 V or 220 V. I had it set to the wrong one and was consequently choking my computer. It wasn't getting enough juice and kept restarting itself. Someone told me after we figured out the problem that most barebones kits come preset with the European default because otherwise it would fry the computer.
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    you also might wanna try a registry mechanic...but careful of alot of online ones...they are just spam...ugh...i had one put on mine when i had it rebuilt ...maybe someone can tell you which one is safe to use...good luck hon...holli~

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    Nothing like a fresh computer after a quick format to get rid of any bugs! (And any other unwanted programs you may have.)

    Did your systems always operate this way?

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