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Thread: Fast Food Restaurants

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    Default Fast Food Restaurants

    Why is it called "fast food"? It doesn't arrive fast, and those eating it are definitely *not* fasting! Some would say it's not really even food....

    I have finally figured out how fast-food restaurants decide who gets to work which jobs. And it's all so simple: They just *ask* the new employees a few basic questions! It probably goes something like this:

    Manager: Hello, and welcome to BurgerWorld. We're sure that you are going to absolutely *love* working here over the next three weeks. And to ensure that we match each of you to the ideal crew-member position in the store, we'd like you each to answer a few simple questions. First you, Steve. Suppose a customer's order is $4.37. The customer hands you $5.12. What do you do?

    Steve: Well, the *first* thing I'd do is give him back the extra dime. Then I'd calculate his change, which should be ... uh ... forty seven cents?

    Manager: Good job! We'll put you on the cash register. Okay, you're next, Marcy. Things have been a little slow today, and the bin is nearly empty. Suddenly, a school bus pulls up outside, and sixty high school seniors pile out of it. What do you do?

    Marcy: Oh, um, I don't know. Fix my hair?

    Manager: Oooh, good answer! We'll put you in charge of French fries. ... Okay, and the last question is for you, Semrpthr#ckidsh. Am I pronouncing that correctly?

    Semrpthr#ckidsh: AHHH-LO?

    Manager: I said, "Am I pronouncing that correctly?"

    Semrpthr#ckidsh: AHHH-LO?

    Manager: Could You Please Tell Me How To Pro-Nounce Your Name?

    Semrpthr#ckidsh: AHHH-LO?

    Manager: Hmmm. <thinking> CAN YOU SAY, "WELCOME TO BURGERWORLD"?

    Semrpthr#ckidsh: AHHH-LO?

    Manager: Here, put on this headset. You're working the drive-thru.

    (That has GOT to be the system they use. If there are a dozen crew members working in the store, the one working the drive thru will be the only one who has been in the country for less than thirty minutes.)

    There has to be a good explanation. Personally, I think it might very well be that American kids can't seem to push the button and talk at the same time. I've run across only ONE American kid working a drive-thru window recently -- and her transmissions went something like this:

    "-m to BurgerWorld."

    "-ake your order?"

    "-ies with that?"

    "and thirty seven cents."

    Me: Excuse me? I didn't catch the dollar amount.

    "and thirty seven cents."

    Me: Could you please try pressing the button BEFORE you start speaking?

    "-irty seven cents."

    Me: Thank you.

    "-ooh the first window."

    Me: -anks.

    Perhaps the obvious solution is for me to stop frequenting such classy establishments.

    (I found this and thought I would post it to share, this was not written by me)

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    That is freakin hysterical and sooo true!
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    been there - done that

    avoid it like the plague - worth it
    I get out and walk in if I actually HAVE to frequent such establishments to stave off eminent starvation
    at least if I am able to watch the procedures I can correct what always gets screwed up which is often everything even in the simplest of orders!
    as for the change - I strive VERY hard to always give them exact change - which also confounds many of them!
    all the while worrying about a generation which can't use an actual cash register - just a machine upon which they push pictures of the various foods!
    These machines appear to be designed for pre-kindergarten level!!!

    PS I think they put something addictive in the sausage at the golden arch place - I sometimes crave one of their breakfasts and usually ask for an extra on the side (so sick) and same goes for those frosties at the competition - I have problems resisting - good thing I live 17 miles from one and 52 from the other! the trouble I'd be in if the drive weren't so extreme - I don't want to think about it!
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    lol...that was hilarious...

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    Quote Originally Posted by backgammonbob
    PS I think they put something addictive in the sausage at the golden arch place -
    Have you watched Super Size me? He gets addicted and his doctor confirms it!!
    Great post, Lafitte

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