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Thread: To The Soon To Be Newlyweds

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    Default To The Soon To Be Newlyweds

    Kristen & Javie,

    I know that I have not been a twelever for that long.

    However I would like to extend fond wishes to the both of you during these last very stressful 56 days.

    These days will be the test of your emotions and relationship. Happy stress but still stress.

    I would like to create a spot for you two to come to to read how much you are loved and thought of whenever you are in need of a smile or a laugh.

    So here is my first post to celebrate your coming nuptials.


    The Best Is Yet To Be

    On your joyful wedding day,
    You begin a brand new life.
    Friends and family give their gifts
    To joyful husband, blissful wife.

    But the greatest gift you'll ever get,
    A gift from heaven above,
    Is love forever, ending never,
    Everlasting love.

    You'll share life's joy and pleasure;
    You'll have plenty of that, it's true.
    But love is the real treasure
    For your new spouse and you.

    And if life hands you challenges,
    As it does to one and all,
    Your love will hold you steady
    And never let you fall.

    You wedding day is full of joy;
    Tomorrow you cannot see.
    But one thing's sure for the two of you:
    The best is yet to be.

    ~ Joanna Fuchs
    We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
    ~Joseph Campbell

    There are three kinds of people : Those who can count and those that can't.

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    Awwwww...j...that brought tears to my eyes! That was incredibly thoughtful of you and very much needed today. A million thanks and hugs!!!
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