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Thread: day of silence

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    Default day of silence

    My daughter, Zoe, some of you may remember her participating along with me in some of the trivia games we used to play - miss that sometimes! anyway - she just sent me a file to print for her - a handout for her to use at school to explain her silence - she and a few of her friends at school will be participating
    she learned about it from another of my daughters - Katie learned about it at university - she and a larger group of her friends also are participating at their school - since they told me about it I have done my own small part observing silence also
    there is a website related to the issue


    it an important message and perhaps some of you here will at least give some thought to the struggles and maybe some do as I do and also hold them in thought and carry the message of the silence through the day too
    it costs nothing and you may learn something by concentrating on listening
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    thanks em! :X

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