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Thread: Something that makes you think about life...

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    Default Something that makes you think about life...

    This weekend, my brother-in-law was at work. He was driving out to pick up some samples. He either fell asleep or passed out. Either way, it is pretty evident that he was unconsious. He ended up driving off the road, and after about 165 yards, he rolled the truck.

    He ended up with a massive concussion, a torn lung, and a broken shoulder blade. He was life flighted from the hospital here to one up north. The doctor said when he got there it was touch and go for him. He also said that if he didnt get life flighted, then he would have died.

    I was up there all weekend with his family. To see someone in that situation, with tubes coming out of their body all over the place, and realizing that they almost didnt make it. Well, it really makes you re-evaluate whats important and whats not. Makes you look at things in a different way.

    Hes pretty stable now, and they took the respirator off last night. He was pretty happy to have that taken out. Hes still got a lot of healing to do, and some surgery on that shoulder, but he should be OK.

    I just talked to him on the phone about 5 min before he wrecked. Its amazing how fast things can change. So, my advice to you is let the people you care about know everyday. You never now what will happen, and it can happen very suddenly.......
    What the #$%@ am I doing here?

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    Sorry to hear about that JS! I hope all turns out well for all of you.

    We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
    ~Joseph Campbell

    There are three kinds of people : Those who can count and those that can't.

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    jedi..i know exactly what you are saying...although in my case...jodee didnt survive...he didnt fall asleep..it was just one of those accidents...he had alot more damage done after doin a 360 and hitting a telephone poll on the driver's side...the marks of the seat belt evident...but he hit his head..was unconscious (a volunteer fireman told me..he was first on the scene~jodee felt no pain) he punctured the lung in two places..one of which they never saw, til it was too late...broke his hip,leg,arm..etc...too many injuries to list...but he fought for 5 hours...although he is my angel in heaven...i still miss him..and the last thing i said to him as he went out the door was i love you, be careful....as i say to all my family & friends hoping that will keep them safe...

    i hope he has a speedy recovery and a different outlook on life...peace to you jedi...

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