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Thread: Presidents Day in the Gold Ole USofA Today!

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    Default Presidents Day in the Gold Ole USofA Today!

    It's Presidents Day in the good old USofA today.

    Many people have a day off. I do too. My son's school is in session because they used up a snow day last week. It was 55 and raining most of the day today. Go figure. Gotta get those 180 days in. I get a few hours off of hearing "MOM! Make me something good to eat" at least 23 times. I'll have something ready when he gets off the bus.

    Here is something I found that I thought I would share. Even tho Washington's birthday is Friday. The official day of celebration is today.

    Ten Things You Never Knew about George Washington, born on Friday in 1732:
    1. His dentures carved from a hippopotamus tusk. They were drilled with a hole to fit over Washington's one remaining tooth, and they rubbed against his natural tooth in such a way that Washington was in constant pain, and so he used an alcoholic solution infused with opium.
    2. By the time he reached 30, he had survived malaria, smallpox, pleurisy, dysentery. He was fired at on two separate occasions — and in one of them, his horse was shot out from under him and four bullets punctured his coat. He also fell off a raft into an icy river and nearly drowned.
    3. During the last night of his life, a doctor friend came over to perform an emergency tracheotomy on Washington. Arriving too late, the doctor tried to resurrect Washington by thawing him in cold water, then wrapping him in blankets and rubbing him in order to activate blood vessels, then opening his trachea to inflate his lungs with air, and then transfusing blood from a lamb into him.
    4. He enjoyed playing cards, hunting foxes and ducks, fishing, ++++++++++++++++++++fighting, horse racing, boat racing, and dancing. He bred hound dogs and gave them names like "Sweet Lips" and "Tarter."
    5. His favorite foods included mashed potatoes with coconut, string beans with mushrooms, cream of peanut soup, salt cod, and pineapples.
    6. He snored very loudly.
    7. He did not wear a powdered wig, as was fashionable at the time. Instead, he powdered his own red-brown hair.
    8. Washington had a speech impediment and was not good at spelling. He would often mix up i's and e's when speaking and in writing.
    9. There are 33 counties, seven mountains, nine colleges, and 121 post offices named after Washington.
    10. He delivered the shortest inaugural address ever. It was only 133 words long and took 90 seconds to deliver.
    What are you doing today?

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    well - not much of a holiday for me - my normal work week I work tues thru sat anyway - for monday holidays my sub does the previous saturday - I sure it wish it was the following Tuesday! Oh well - this day thank goodness the chiropractor is in - I'll spend the AM going there, then may need to chauffer my youngest grandson to the doc - he's been puny this weekend - his mom is worried but has to work. not the best of days - but I have big holiday planned for later this year!
    if I have time though - I may de-frock the Valentine's Tree and change it over - re-inventing it as the new St. Patrick's Day tree! I have the cutest little green mugs to hang!

    I did see Jumper yesterday with my youngest - it was better than I expected

    sure do hope everyone else here has a better day planned than mine! Highlight of my day is right here! thanks for being here all! even on holidays!
    em - luanne

    imagination is the only weapon we have in the war against reality!

    success is simply getting up one more time than you fall

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