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Thread: the newest big storm

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    Default the newest big storm

    I hope no one is in harms way during this storm that goes from Texas all the way north.

    My hubby flew into DFW from Pittsburgh this morning only to have his connecting flight to El Paso canceled. (american airlines)

    Then they booked him on another flight only to cancel that one. Then they won't give anyone their luggage and sent them all away to hopefully get a hotel room booking them all on a flight tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

    Got home from dropping off the biker boyz at the park to find a voice mail on the home phone. That flight is cancelled. They are rescheduling his flight to El Paso for Thursday morning. hmmmmmmmm............ might be ok. Cept he is scheduled to fly out of DFW on Thursday afternoon - a connecting flight from El Paso to come home.

    Wonder how happy he would have been if he was single and ofc would get that voice mail whenever he got here!

    He was scheduled to be in El Paso then drive to Juarez Mexico most of the day today and all day tomorrow - back to El Paso tomorrow evening - then fly home connecting on that DFW flight to Pittsburgh on Thursday. Which BTW will prob not be allowed to land cause ofc the bad weather will be there by then and won't allow them to land.

    OK! SO NOW!

    Where do you peeps think my hubby will be by Friday morning????

    the kicker for me..............................

    back on the road again for me. gotta pick up the boyz.
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    Hope your hubby gets home safe!!!

    I know all too well about flights being canceled, rescheduled, and canceled again. I went thru that all day yesterday myself for work. I have about 20 people stranded in Dallas trying to get back to Austin

    Yesterday afternoon we got a NASTY storm in Austin. HEAVY rain and medium size HAIL! Thankfully it has now passed and was in south west Louisiana last night and is now on it's way to northern Georgia. Hope anyone in those areas are OK ans stay safe!!!
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