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Thread: After months of searching...

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    WOOT!! WOOT!!!!

    So glad to hear that. Your pre holiday move will be much better than the one I had years ago. Three days before Christmas in NW Pa, it was snowing heavily and mother-in-law was arriving the day before Christmas.

    I am so excited for you!!! Let us know the second you are moved in.
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    Yay, Kristen!! That is great news!
    Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

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    Thats great news!!

    You must be so excited.

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    On the house and the dog!

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    The move went well! I don't know why we waited so long to buy a house. Still have lots of unpacking to do because we don't want to feel overwhelmed, so we are taking our time.

    Our first night in the house was Dec 23rd. It was nice to have my in-laws come to US for a holiday and the was TONS of room for everyone. That made me feel good. I always felt bad when they came to visit us in our apartment and they had to suffer on air-mattress's and sofa sleeping. 2 bathrooms for 6 of us was HORRIBLE!

    My husband has already fallen down the stairs....it's still funny to think about. He woke up early one morning and didn't wait until he was WIDE awake to walk down the stairs and he fumbled on the first step and slid down about 6. All I heard was thump, thump, thump. He wasn't hurt, just had a bruise on his rear - hehehe

    As awesome and tropical as my backyard is with banana trees lining the fence, we are going to have to cut them all down. We had an incident this weekend...my husband had trimmed them all back and he found that spiders make homes in those trees. Well, with the spiders now homeless, they have been wandering around the back yard and Sunday evening, one bit my dog on the face while he was playing outside. He had a NASTY allergic reaction to it and his face looked like the 'Elephant Man'...poor thing - his eyes were almost swollen shut, his tongue was white and his mouth was twice it's normal size. So we rushed him to the e.r. vet and they treated him and sent us home with meds. Needless to say, my dog is now scared to go in the backyard. We've tried putting treats and his toys on the patio to try and get him out but he won't go farther than the doorway before he turns around and jumps on the couch. So we have had to take him to the front yard to use the potty. Still trying to figure out how to make him not scared of the backyard. Yesterday was the 1st time he had been in the new house alone all day (my husband and I took vacation from work Dec 19th-Jan 5th to move so he was with us 24/7) his day didn't go well. He went potty in the house, because he was too scared to go outside. So we are dealing with that issue too. *sigh* poor dog...

    Anyway - this weekend we are going to order the furniture for the formal livingroom and formal diningroom, so hopefully by next weekend we will have the house fully furnished. Then its time to shop for decor - I hate empty walls

    Hope everyone had a great holiday and good new year!!!
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