i am so thankful for all my Tweleve friends
I am thankful I got to meet so many at the reunion
I am thankful I was encouraged to participate in NaNoWriMo for the first time!
I am thankful to have made a safe journey to Greece and back
I am thankful my family all enjoys relatively good health
I am thankful to have a job
I hope that all of you out there who are my friends (i.e. EVERYONE) are going to be eating well today in the company of good friends and family!
I hope you all enjoy the day as I will starting now! heading to the kitchen for a long day!

wow - I just realized I think I forgot to hit the post button - and had got distracted at this - the preview point - hope this isn't a duplicate post - and maybe too late as someone else may have started - it was 10 or more hours ago when I was here - but if I go back and check to see if someone already started - so - just hitting send and seeing what happens!
hope everyone laughed and ate and had good times as much as I did this fine day!