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Thread: Wowsers

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    Default Wowsers

    Wow, it's like coming back to the old lodge and seeing new faces and new decor. What has everyone been up to the last year or so?

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    Hey Starthinker! I spent the month of Sept in Greece
    and you should check out the thread from the Tweleve reunion - It was a great crowd and a great experience - I went and took my daughter Zoe - (fadafordqt)
    lots happening - just no rings - most - but not all- have given up
    there is a hard core that would like to solve DAR even if there are no rings - I am one of them!
    em - luanne

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    Star! How have you been? Same old same old for me. Happy to have the holiday break, and dreading back to work schedule.

    So good to see you!

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