For consideration for e-reader owners.

I just took a look at the competing e-ink readers, like the Barnes and Noble nook, and Amazon Kindle, and realized that for about $140, I could turn them into primitive laptops by could hooking into my free gmail and yahoo accounts, and using the text editors included there.

The advantages to each seem to be incredible battery life (the cheaper, less bells-and-whistles Kindle has about 3 weeks in some circumstances, and the nook runs similar) with lots of storage room for puzzles. Also, they arey made for travel and things like beeach reading, so if you need connection to clues and notes whil on-site, who could ask for mor.

The disadvantages: Not in color yet, so some important clue-hunting deatails may be lost. Also, not all file types are supported. Plus, by the time one has crept up to a delux Onyx International Boox 60, (which doesn't seem to have much of a battery life from what I saw) I almost would just break down and get a real laptop.

Sorry to ramble on, but I don't want to impulse buy without feedback. Any comments?