Just as Dar's journey to the secret chamber in chapter 2 is described in detail so too is Ana's journey to the apple tree described in detail. A journey for the Dark and a journey for the Light?

Ana crosses a swinging bridge, descends the circular staircase, walks down a short path, past an ivy-covered brick wall and under an arch. Most of these words trigger thoughts. Some of them might be helpful.

Crosses - X marks the spot?
Swinging - swaying? oscillating? like a pendulum?
Bridge - a connection between two parts
Descends - a link to the chant spell?
Circular - lots of circles, rings
Staircase - one step at a time, one step leads to another
Down - a direction? opposite of up (Ana has to stand on her toes to reach an apple)
Path - the way through a maze?
Ivy-covered - reminds me of the leaves in the background of the Compass page and of Zac's workshop on page 41, although those leaves aren't ivy
Brick - blocks?
Wall - build with blocks to make a structure?
Under - weaving in a celtic border?
Arch - arches on the top of illustrations, Ana arches her back when struggling back to life.

Ana plucked one pippin apple, then another, then another. Three in all.