Could the readers live without this chapter?

From my perspective - I've nicknamed this chapter "bury the bones".

I think MS needed to bury information in random chapters - this being one. Here is my reasoning.

1. How To Make A Clover Blossom Ring - a small slit in the stem near the blossom and tucking the stem end into it. Making something ordinary into some extraordinary.

2. Its like scorecard to remember all the little details such as:
  • a. Ana's a halfling -
  • b. Zac's a human, woodcaver
  • c. after red-grey moon night, the sky is saffron-pink in the morning
  • d. no mention of Ana's human features
  • e. "chubby" Pook
(there's a lot to list)

3. The Dream - 3 different dreams - past, present and future -
  • since the present is fast forwarded - could you assume you are only dealing with the past and future?
  • Or is the "Present" missing with a play on words?
4. Tool-Stealing - work in progress
  • a. Grubinmoles(combining words) - grub-in-moles
  • b. Cawcat(s)- (order)
- everyother letter combo - c w a s a c t

- # placement 3-1-23-3-1-20 (19) sequence
  • c. Tam-o'Jacks (separate words)
5. Naming of Pook??- If Pook "uffed", then wouldnt it be Puffed, Pookuffed or Uffedpook if applying the same method as was done with Booger (action and sound).

FYI - Puffer aka Alchemist

6. Senses
  1. 1. Ana's elf traits - ears and eyes (sight & sound)
  2. 2. Pook - "uffed"(sound) and "pook" (smell)
7. Pook is surrounded with doubles: chubby, belly, rubbed and stuffed

8. Light breaks Ana's dream-state, she is still asleep, but a smell wakes her. (pg 2 might be some reference to end of the book

Maybe I am just reading too much into it, and dont know when to stay stop.