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Thread: The Clock Without a Face

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    Default Are you in Georgia?

    I'm looking for someone in or near Georgia to share info with.

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    Default REUNION RALEIGH 2010- Bring It! Sept. 17-19




    My reservation has been made. I have a mini suite so there's room to sit around and chat if needed.

    Was reminiscing about the last reunion. Below are the links. Hopefully it will inspire some of you to join this years reunion.

    I think there must have been about 35 people there which included Twelevers and their families. It was a great time.

    This years will include a lot of fun stuff. A weekend away by yourself or with your family enjoying quality time is worth it. Also a nice break from school at just the right time.

    If you are thinking of attending and need to fly I will gladly be available to pick up at the airport. Just PM me.


    Reunion 2008 - No Excuses!

    12R3 twelogue

    12R3 puzzles

    Reunion alphabet swag

    Reunion Countdown Pictures

    Reunion Photos!
    We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
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    There are three kinds of people : Those who can count and those that can't.

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    Default State ID methods

    So far, the states have been identified
    with 9 different types of clues:

    1.paintings of landmarks found in state (CA)
    2.rebus of state name (CT)
    3.magic square denoting order of state's joining the Union (IL)
    4.recognizable state-related celebrities' portraits (VA)
    5.representation of state name with image (WA)
    6.state location on a map (IN)
    7.mouthing state name in pictures (OH)
    8.recognizable state fauna and flora (alligator and palm trees) (FL)
    9.graphic symbol of state nickname (TX)

    It seems that each clue is unique.
    How hard could it be to create at least
    three more unique methods of state ID?

    How do you recognize a state?

    state motto (maybe used for Idaho)
    state abbreviation (maybe AR or MI)
    Zip Code ?
    Area Code ?
    state shape ?

    Can you think of any other methods of state ID?

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    Default look

    could this be a pattern of something.This is the states where numbers have been found so far.
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    Default Constellation Pisces

    Quote Originally Posted by wingman View Post
    could this be a pattern of something.This is the states where numbers have been found so far.
    If you connect the dots starting in FL & go up the east coast, then back through the midwest to WA, forming a large sideways V (with a possible stop in ID-a suggestion for the 9th floor), you would have a close match to the constellation Pisces-the 12th sign of the zodiac. CT wold be the point of the V. You would also have to roate the standard view of the constellation 180 degrees to match your layout. I'd post a picture of Pisces here, but either I'm a complete computer imbicile or my computer has some setting that won't allow me to attach an image (probably the first one!). Anyway, if you Google it, you can see Pisces and the strong resemblance to the layout of solved states so far.

    Gus mentioned in one of his clues that the 12 was high noon and midnight and the 12th sign of the zodiac. Maybe that's the underlying puzzle - connecting the dots to form Pisces. This does not, however, explain Texas...unless it represents a star (a lone star?) in the constellation Pegasus.

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    Default Pic of Pisces

    Here, I think I got it this time. This is what Pisces looks like, and if you connect the dots across the northern states, and down the east coast, you have something close to this configuration. I think my problem was that I only have dial-up at home & it wouldn't attach the picture.
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    Default Looking for a searcher

    If you are in the "AR, OK, MO, KS" area of the country,
    (or anywhere else, but would not mind a drive) PM me
    if you want to see if you are close enough to look at a
    possible location I found.


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    Default Correspondence with Gus about my find

    Gus, I have excellent news for you. Your hours and days of starvation are over. I fear that by now you may be as skinny as the number 1 that Plumpjack's perversely inconspicuous clues nearly kept concealed from us forever. My only regret is that in my stunned state, I failed to sample the crab cakes, cinnamon buns, iced lattes, pizza, hot dogs, not to mention all the jerky, pork rinds, chips, and soda that were available at this excellent service plaza. I will make a particular note to patronize the local establishments next time I travel along this tollway in my state of residence, Maryland. A full report will follow.


    Mister J! I am agog! Agog and grateful! More response to come, but for now: agograteful! Congratulations.

    Your friend,


    Dear Gus,

    I hope you will soon recover some of the weight you have lost in the last, long, two days, 22 hours, and 34 minutes and some interminable seconds.

    My daughter didn't want to come with me today. The last time, we had driven 100 miles to a rest stop in Delaware and hunted in the rain all day. Besides, the Labor Day Festival was on this weekend, and that is a big deal here.

    I arrived at my chosen hunt site, and parked, and sat for a while listening to the end of the radio show (Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on NPR). Then I put off beginning a little longer, visited the restroom and looked at the food selection. Much better than usual, a Starbucks, a Phillips Seafood, Cinnabons, Sbarro Pizza… Finally, I poured myself some juice from the thermos and began walking around the service station. I was already composing my Another Unsuccessful, Grueling Hunt (AUGH) post for tweleve.com. I am a rocket scientist -- no, really, I actually am -- but I do not feel I usually do very well in real-world puzzlers.

    But it was a beautiful day: 70 degrees, dry, sunny, not humid. The best day for hunting we had had in a long time, it seemed. There were roughly 67,492,743 trees at this service plaza. Maryland certainly has done a good job keeping the highways wooded in most places.

    So I strolled around slowly. First toward the south, around the service station and walking west along the close edge of the very large wooded area to the south. Then I went back to the east, crossing the entrance road to the area by the southbound freeway. There were no really outstanding solitary trees, not like some I had seen a few weeks before when I had searched the rest stop closest to me just for the heck of it.

    As I walked along the edge of the hill, I noted that there was a lot of patchy lichen on many trees. These light-colored spots frequently give one a small feeling of possibility, but no, nothing. Several trees were impressive, 150-year old giants. There was a little twisted pine over there. Another light spot on it. Hm, a rectangular light spot, a foot off the ground. A rectangular light-colored metal piece with a marking on it a foot off the ground. A rectangular light metal piece nailed securely to the tree with 4 nails, and with a red pentagonal mark in permanent marker about a foot off the ground.

    Breathing rapidly, I fumbled for my cell phone camera. With somewhat shaky hands, I put my travel mug on the ground. I looked around for the candid camera guy. Of course no one was paying any attention to me; I was a ways off to the side. I took a few shots of the tree and the marker.

    Then, carefully, I stuck my garden trowel into the soil 8 inches from the base of the tree. At 4 inches, it clicked on something. I moved the single trowelfull of dry red Maryland clay dirt, and reached for the revealed plastic. I shook the dirt off the double Ziploc bag that had a 4 by 4 inch box inside.

    Then I sat back for a minute. Taking another couple of quick snaps, I removed the marker from the tree, put the dirt back in the tiny hole, picked everything up, and headed back to the car. I had been searching for all of 15 minutes.

    Somewhat stunned, I began driving homeward. After a while, I called home and said I would be there in about 45 minutes, and I would have something I would like my wife to take a picture of. I had not yet unsealed the bags nor opened the box. That would wait until I got home.

    I wanted you all to be the first to know.

    With best regards, signed,



    I almost forgot to report either an extraordinary coincidence or a possibly important clue to the Khroniker Konspiracy! On my way homeward, I passed a gentleman going rather slowly on the highway. His license plate -- and I wonder if you may have had some psychic premonition of this, since you subconsciously doodled an illustration of a license plate to accompany your interrogation of Plumpjack -- read "NUMBERS". I attempted to take a photo of this startling apparition without crashing my car, but was unsuccessful. That is, I was unsuccessful in taking a clear photograph; I was successful in avoiding the ditch and other cars.

    Now that I recall it, I think that the driver may have borne some resemblance to Munari Bakula. It is difficult to tell, as in your illustrations, Bakula's face is not completely clear. I considered tailing the suspicious vehicle, but I decided that a rapid report of my results would be more important to the other Junior Deducers. He may have come from visiting the scene of the hidden 1, and if so may have seen my approach to the burial site. However, he was going considerably slower than I (perhaps my excitement had enhanced the weight of my right foot just a little), so if he had been there, he clearly had left long before I had.

    I believe it was a Maryland license plate, and a cream-colored car. When last seen, he was going south on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway toward Washington DC.




    Could it have been Roy Dodge??? Could he be either shadowing Junior Deducers who are close to the numbers, for his own mysterious purposes, rather than swooping in and grabbing them himself? Or perhaps I just barely beat him to the site?


    Well I'll be danged! Sorry for the harsh language, but that is indeed a provocative happening. Perhaps Dodge truly is tight on our trail. Meanwhile: I am making preparations to post your account, and I am wondering: Is it okay if I use your full name, or would you prefer to stick with "cosmic jay"? We slightly prefer to use full names -- I think it helps encourage new deducers -- but I of course am happy to go either way.



    My brother wrote me the following congratulations:

    Congratulations Jay - I think you should write a novel. Raymond Chandler started his writing career after he turned fifty so even old guys like you can do it!

    "I was neat, clean, shaved and sober, and I didn't care who knew it. I was everything the well-dressed treasure hunter ought to be. She was a charming middle-aged lady with a face like a bucket of mud. I gave her a drink. She was a gal who'd take a drink, if she had to knock you down to get the bottle. Yes, in the old days, when she used to run rum out of Mexico and I was on the other side. We used to swap shots between drinks, or drinks between shots, whichever you like. I don't mind if you don't like my manners, I don't like them myself. They are pretty bad. I grieve over them on long winter evenings. Don't waste your time trying to cross-examine me. A woman will lie about anything, just to stay in practice. Look angel, I'm tired. My jaw hurts and my ribs ache. I killed a man back there and I had to stand by when a harmless little guy was killed. Do you think I can tell them all that happened because he tried to throw a loop over Siegfried Plumpjack? It could also have been the mile instead of the highway, or a red herring, being red and, if I tell them that, they'll swarm over your house so fast that every closet you and your family have been in for the last six years will look like a police convention. They'll all ask the same question - where's Forrest City? Why were some slices of carrot in the illustration to make it look like she ran off to South Carolina, mile 5, I-95.? Why did you hide out there? You're playing with dynamite. I didn't think that the indications for the first two were very convincing. Now, I suppose you know that Plumpjack was a nickname for Shakespeare's Falstaff? He's a grifter, shamus. I'm a grifter. We're all grifters. So we sell each other out for a nickel. Knights have no meaning in this game. It isn't a game for knights"


    Perhaps CosmicBrother shall someday write the epic chronicle of this full search.


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    A fine, fine account cosmicjay. Overwhelmed with jealousy I am.
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    Default Anyone in Montana?

    I've got an idea for Montana.
    Are you near or in the state?
    Do you want to search?

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