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Thread: interesing definition of syzygy

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    Default interesing definition of syzygy

    Syzygy (IPA: [ˈsɪz.ɪ.ʤi]) is a kind of unity, especially through coordination or alignment, most commonly used in the astronomical and/or astrological sense [1]. From the Late Latin syzygia, "conjunction," from the Greek σύζῠγος (syzygos), "yoked together." Syzygy is the shortest English word with three ys, as well as longest word in the English language from which no other words or phrases can be formed by rearranging its letters (i.e. the word can produce no anagrams).

    i like the part about anagrams. it seems to me that many parts of this book are a sort of homage to all the theories and speculation that the hunters put into the first book.

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    Question syzygy

    What if ...

    We have to create a syzygy ... imagine three circles in alignment (some how)... or maybe three circles that should come into alignment but rotate around one circle ... populated with ??? key word(s) and turned in some direction reverse/forward/both ??? until the alignment happens completing the message???

    (rambles) ....What words to use? Maybe color cooridnated letters? Has anyone looked at Aaron Basha's website? There's a big storm heading my way I'll hide under the covers and rediscover the book....

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    Hi Miriamne,

    I hope you were not hit too hard by the storm.

    Your thoughts about creating a syzygy seem very logical. It's not an accident that Mike chose the word "syzygy" as a focal theme in this book.

    He could have just spoke of eclipses in the story. Yet, he made it a point to use the word syzygy which points more toward alignment than the word eclipse does. In our languague "eclipse" is often used to mean things like hide, block or obscure from view.

    I have no doubt his choice in words will be paramount in figuring this out.

    What needs to be aligned is the million dollar question.

    Good luck with your quest.

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