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Thread: Different colors in TOC

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    Default Different colors in TOC

    I haven't seen anyone post about the different colors used in the TOC headings. I find their ordering curious. For example, there are no pinks in chapters 1-16, then suddenly there are four between chapters 17 and 26. Additionally, the actual chapter headings match the colors used in the TOC. I wonder what the meaning of that is? I tried to sort them all out into some logical groupings, but there are more colors than meet the eye at first, given the light and dark variations. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    I noticed this too and think it is significant but can find no rhyme or reason to the color order or to their significance to the chapter or anything else - some of the colors are the same as on the blocks but there are more colors in the chapter headings than on the blocks and then the drop cap letters are different shades too - so if anybody has any ideas on what all means please share
    This is my first post - so I hope I did ok!

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    you did just fine workro2

    Welcome To Tweleve!!!

    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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    Yes, you did just fine.

    I do suspect that there is at least one puzzle in this book that is solved using color, considering the color in the blocks, borders, and titles. I think it's a matter of sorting through which colors are and are not significant. Any guesses as to which ones are?

    Page three of the book of spells has a celtic knot-type border containing yellow, orange, purple, dark green, dark red/brown, and dark blue.

    The following two pages have borders containing blue, yellow, orange, a lighter green, a brighter red, and no purple.

    Should we take our cues from these two borders?

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    Thanks for the encouragement - nothing I have worked on so far seems very encouraging so it is nice to hear a little from fellow solvers. When I was looking at the celtic border esp. the pages with only 5 colors I was trying to use primary vs secondary colors but couldn't come up with anything. I did post on the DAR site that the celtic borders have very tiny hearts sprinkled throughout the border on the internal diamond shapes - some are at the top of the diamond, some at the bottom - but no one responded so I don't know if that means anything or not. But maybe with the colors it means something.

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    I'm curious to know if anyone has a count of the colors used in the chapter titles and dropcaps. At first I was thinking that the orange titles were all the same but now I am seeing 3 different shades of orange.
    Also has anyone tried anything with the colors? I hate wasting my time on something 50 people have already done and got no results from.

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    In the Dar Forum there is a thread about this, missry. Starthinker has posted three links which show all the chapter titles or drop caps together on one page so that the different colours can be compared.

    Chapter Title Color Discussion

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    Default Colors in the title

    Ok, I found this recently, I'm still hunting on and off as time permits, I just want to solve the puzzles.

    If you arrange the colors in the TOC so all the like colors match up you get sentences that I believe will help guide the solution of more puzzles.\

    The light blue titles say,

    "The Morning of the Day Before the Anniversary"
    "The Fairies Return"
    "Ana's Dream was right"

    Dark green
    "Yorah's Plan"
    "The Celestial Dance"

    "The Good Fairies Attack"
    "The Book of Light Spells"
    The Syzygies are over"

    Read the orange and I think it is a hint at a cypher

    Food for thought!


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    We've always believed "the morning of the day before the anniversay" was the day before the hunt ended.We found several of the significant Ana's dream parts during our location search. Do it with BLACK

    The First Eclipse: The Syzygy ( Line up the following three> OR just look at the names)
    The Alchemist Dar
    The Name
    The Mold( found on our location search)
    The Crevasse(foun don our location search)
    It would be Like Old Times ( Finding the treasure?)
    The Rings
    Aaron Basha (Look over section in book carefully)
    Official Rules ( Follow the rules)

    The Good Fairies Attack ( We are the good fairies attacking the puzzles)
    The Book of Light Spells
    The Syzygies Are Over

    The Alarm (Found on our location search)
    The Clover Blossom Ring(Found on our location search)
    The Three Syzygies(Found on our location search)
    The Third Eclipse)Found on our location search)
    A Lighter Shadow in the Shadows( look closely)

    We can interpret all of it to mean something ( we wish) or it can mean absolutely nothing!

    As far as the letter caps, matching the colors didn't really produce much,other than wishful thinking that we were getting somewhere when we discovered various state abbreviations in the drop caps.

    Without even knowing what are red herrings and what are the actual puzzles, it's nearly impossible to progress. We have tried most angles and are still further ahead than some, farther behind a few. SIGH!
    "We may not be first, but at least we are not last!" Meaner Simikkles RULE!

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